Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Even flipping eggs...

Okay, I am going to share about my eggs.  I love a morning when my eggs flip the way I want them to.  Does this bother any of the rest of you?  It upsets me when they don't flip just right...just saying when I go to cook Kenny's eggs I think it makes them better, when they flip right!

I know, this totally has nothing to do with my thoughts today, but I wanted to share this with each of you.  Are any of you similar in your thoughts or about cooking eggs?  Well, it is all in your own perspective...perhaps it needs to change?  I know my perspective does need to change in some ways.

Okay, today I want us to think about our perspective.  The way we view different situations might call for us to change our positions.  Let's think about this and be honest with each other.

I know that God is working on me lately with my firm view of different situations in the world.  I am realizing that I am to love and let Him handle everything.  Our world is divided and so messy and perhaps to heal we need to let go and let Him!

He lead me to one of my favorite stories Zacchaeus this morning found in Luke 19.  I love this story and to me it hits so many of us between the eyes.  We all want to see Jesus, some of us just may not realize it!  It is that hunger that perhaps we try to fill up with stuff and that stuff never works.  Again, I sidetrack...sorry.  Zack realized that Jesus was coming to town and well he knew his height was a factor.  Realizing this myself a lot of the time, a short person will do whatever is necessary to see whatever it is they are trying to see and for Zack that meant to climb a tree. 

It was crowded the crowd would line the street surrounding Jesus and well Zack was not a popular person, so he had to go to more extreme measures.  No we are hard on people that we view as living a way that we might not deem okay.  So, no we wouldn't let him (Zack) slide in by us, nope in fact we probably link arms to keep him back away from Jesus.  

Zack was willing to do what he had to do and climb that tree.  He was willing to climb the tree, but what about the person that might not be able to climb the tree?  What about that person that because we have our arms linked so tightly together can't get through?  Sometimes we are a stumbling block and we need to change our perspective!

How did Jesus respond?  He noticed Zack in the tree...the one that the others viewed as not deserving.  Jesus teaches all of us in this passage so much, if we notice.  He teaches us to change our perspective and allow Him to change people.  We can't change people and honestly perhaps we are the ones that might need changing...oops.  Did you get that perhaps we might be the one that needs changing?  I know I do at times.

Look at the passage, the ones standing in the crowd were muttering...rather than celebrating that this little man named Zack was about to be changed for the better they were muttering.  Picture it.  I know you can, because we have all been muttering on the side judging rather than loving.  It's not our job to mutter and judge.  It's our job to change our perspective and become more like Jesus.  Yes, we are to live a certain way...but it's God's work in all of us that allows us to change our own sinful ways!  Only God will be able to repair this the meantime, let's change our perspective and let God...

Perhaps we all need to climb a tree and be forever changed.

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Definitely food for thought!