Saturday, April 11, 2015

Awesome Read ~ Finding Favor With the King by Tommy Tenney

I loved this book!  I was given this book by Bethany House Publishers to review and may I just say I learned a lot and enjoyed every moment of the learning process.  If you are like me and enjoy, learning more about scripture this book is for you.

Esther comes to life in a whole new way!  It begins a year before Esther goes to the king and we learn about the whole process through what Mr. Tenney calls the "Twelve Protocals of the Palace."  I have often times heard people discuss whether Esther should even be in the Bible because God isn't mentioned by name anywhere.  I've always been one that sees God in the whole story with His timing, His love, and His amazing grace and His name doesn't have to be mentioned.  After reading this book I am even believe it more!

We learn about the process of Esther going to the spa for a whole year.  Well, not exactly like we wasn't always fun!  Smells, yes smells I found this fascinating how Esther would have just oozed with fragrance.  I loved how Esther was a listener and learned how she needed to grow to prepare for her moment with the King.

Esther was seeking the king not the surroundings or the palace.  I mean by this she wasn't worried about the jewels, the palace, the things, she wanted to treasure her moments with the King.  A lesson that each of us need to learn about how to prepare and treasure our moments with the King!  Mr. Tenney does an amazing job of teaching us how we might learn through Esther to prepare for our special moments with the KING!

Amazing 5 star read!  Love this book and I will be sharing portions of this book in upcoming days with our year through the Bible lessons writings.  It's awesome stuff!

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