Thursday, April 2, 2015 way too important

Judges 7 - 9:21

In conversations today, what do you think is heard the most?  Think about it a little bit...I did this or I did this...or I want this...or I need this...or I ?  Our world is caught up in what we do, what our opinions are, what we think and yes it all matters, but we have gotten it so out of perspective.  Do you think it might be we  have forgetten the real order of how things are suppose to be?

I was reminded early in the reading today who truly matters...In chapter 7 of Judges, Gideon got the army up early to fight Midianites.  The Lord stopped him and told him he had too many warriors and that if he let them fight the Midianites, the Israelites would boast to God yes God that they saved themselves by their own strength.  Here is the verse: If I let you fight the Midianites, the Israelites will boast to me that they saved themselves by their own strength.  So what did God do?  He told Gideon to send home those afraid or timid home.  So 22,000 left.  Which left 10,000, still too many.  God finally got the warriors down to 300.  God is very creative with the widdling down process.  He wants no doubts about Who truly wins the battle!

We forget who wins the battles.  We forget who decides the path that will bring victory.  We think we save ourselves.  Our society is so caught up in #1 that we forget the correct order.  God is #1 and He is who wins the battles.  The victory was achieved in this battle, because God did His thing.  God's ways are never our way...How was it achieved?  God had the enemy fight amongst themselves.  They were confused and pulled the swords on themselves.

I doesn't matter when it stands alone.  I matters when it's with the Great I Am.  Today, ask God which battle to fight and which one to ignore.  Remember, where the I really needs to be, when you begin a battle.

Sweet blessings,

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