Friday, April 17, 2015


1 Samuel 23: 13 - 29, Psalm 54, 1 Samuel 24 -25

Today's reading is all about timing!  Not ours either ~ God's!

Throughout the reading today, the thought it is all about God's timing kept coming to my mind.  Look at the reading found in 1 Samuel 24 with David cutting off a piece of Saul's robe.  He was so close to do way more than cut off a piece of the robe, but it wasn't God's timing.  Saul was chasing down David to kill, but David only cut off a small piece of his robe.  David looked to God for direction of his steps, not Saul and not himself.  I also thought about the pain that David had to be going through knowing that Saul went from caring for David to wanting to kill him.  

Next the story of "foolish" Nabal...David was on his way to kill him, when Abigail (his wife) interceded with accepting blame for David being mistreated.  It wasn't the time or place for David to take this action and Abigail knew it.  She reminded David that he was fighting the Lord's battles and had done nothing wrong.  David praised God that Abigail was sent to stop him from taking this action.

God is acting in our journeys.  Are we listening when He sends people to intercede for us?  Are we listening when He tells us not yet?  It's not about our clocks and calendars ~ it's all about His!

I have to tell you that being a planner this lesson is difficult.  I am one of those ladies that makes a list and checks off each item, but I am learning to toss the calendar away and let God!  When I do allow God to direct my path it is a much better plan!  Yes, this from a calendar obsessed woman!

So, I encourage you to allow God's timing into your journey!  His appointments rock!

Sweet blessings,

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