Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stay or run

Pondering thoughts from the book of Ruth...Things got tough and Naomi's family moved to a foreign land.  Remember the old saying "when things get tough the tough get going."  Do you think we always run away when things get difficult?  Don't get me wrong God uses all our choices...just like He did with the family of Ruth.

I was pondering this story and the morning of the reading these mountain goats ran so fast from one mountain to the other running from something.  (according to my hunter husband Kenny)  I've never seen them move so fast across the mountains.  It was fascinating watching them keep their footing in the most unlikely places.

It hit me that we do that and the family of Naomi did that...rather than trust God in the difficult moments, if possible we run.  Some situations we can't run from illness, difficult diagnosis, car wrecks, loss of jobs, some things we can't run from...but we still try at times.  I know over the past year, I've wanted to run at times from situations that truly I have nothing to do with, but they affect me.  God continues to tell me to trust Him, but that doesn't take away that urge deep down to run just like these goats are in the photo, but we must trust!

Trust God in every moment, in every situation, and know that He is going to handle things.  I also trust that in those moments that I do run, He is already in that moment as well.  He will use my mistakes or my good choices for His glory!

Think a moment on your own journey.  When you trust and stay in the situation ~ Do you feel close to God?  Do you feel Him doing His thing is a whole new way?  Have you read the book by Barbara Taylor Brown ~ Learning to walk in the Dark?  I think that is the name.  I've read it and I also turned on Oprah to hear a story on her discussing the dark moments of life and how if we trust and embrace the dark we will grow.  Don't be afraid He is with us in the dark as well!

Today, are you going to stay strong in the dark moments or run?  If we run, remember that our situations will more than likely go with us and we will probably add to it, but we are never alone! Trust Him with each moment, each situation, and in every step of your journey!

Sweet blessings,

Yes, I know today's reading is 1 Samuel 1 - 4 and what got my attention is that Eli is so far from God himself that he doesn't recognize the pain of Hannah.  No, he views it as having too much too drink.  When is our view so distorted, because we moved too far away from God?

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