Sunday, October 24, 2010

Are we producing any fruit?

A story about Jesus being hungry and the fig tree not having a fruit on it, so He cursed the tree. (story found in Mark 11) Upon walking by it later that day Peter pointed out that the tree had died. What do you think Jesus was teaching here? Was He that hungry and angry that His stomach was growling? It really doesn't seem like Jesus to get this angry over an empty stomach after all He went 40 days and 40 nights without - right? Odd is how this story struck me always until today and a light bulb went off in my head and heart that we aren't getting it! We aren't helping to produce ripe fruit!

So, what is He teaching? First a few facts...this tree was right along the road so anyone could eat the fruit on the tree, if the tree had produced any. It was not just for a certain few. Second, the fig trees in this part of the world would have produced year round, but had this not been the case the fruit would have come first and then the leaves and it was time for the fruit. Third point to think about is that Jesus had been with them teaching for awhile now and the time was growing nearer and still people were not getting it. The Jewish people were hearing and teaching, but didn't get it. Fruit was not being produced. Here was a fruitless people that just weren't getting it and time was growing short for Him to be among them. Walking among them, teaching them directly and still they were not getting it!

No, it wasn't His growling stomach that He was frustrated with - it was the people He loved so much and still loves so much. Are we producing any fruit? The harvest is great and the workers are few, but are the few producing? Search your heart today and ask the hard questions of yourself such as: How can I help to produce more fruit? How can I help to plant seeds? How can I help to water the tree? How can I help grow the fruit? What is my role in the production of fruit?

Thank you Jesus for loving us so very much!

Sweet blessings,

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