Thursday, October 7, 2010

Life returned

The pic today is a bridge to nowhere in Korea and I thought that is us a lot. We are stuck in the middle and not making much progress in any direction. Is that right for you or is it just me?

The Word today that God gave me was from Luke 8:54 and 55...I heard it so loudly to My Spirit...My child, get up! And at that moment her life returned, and she immediately stood up! Sometimes, by our own choosing we are stuck to as I like to say waller in something, to hang on and not let go, to just stay...Well, today it was like it's time Debbie move on...let the Spirit return to you and live!

New beginnings today! A fresh start with a renewed Spirit and it feels so good! Are you stuck? Well, read this story and ask the Lord what He wants you to get, perhaps it isn't a renewal, perhaps it is the first time that you realize just who He is and accept Him, perhaps He is saying here's my hand take it and let Me, Your Savior help you through this dismal, depressing time...Don't stay in the nowhere place alone and perhaps it's not time to move on, but know you are not alone in the nowhere place! God is holding you up and helping you along!

Sweet Blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, thanks for the reminder that God is holding us up and helping us along. I for one needed those encouraging words.