Friday, October 22, 2010

Is it fair what we crave?

Is anything fair? You know is it fair that one person is born with a high iq and another low? Is it fair that one is born into a family with monetary means, but another not? Is it fair that one is born with one color of skin and another not? Is it fair that you could have children and I couldn't? Is it fair that your family member is diagnosed with a terrible disease and mine isn't? Is anything fair? Think about it a moment...

Fair, well first question to ponder might be who determines what fair is? Is it each person? Is it a group of people? Who determines this big factor?

I was awakened early this morning by The Spirit telling me to go and study, so I am up studying and was struck by the story from Matthew about the workers being hired one at 9:00 in the morning the other at the end of the day with only one hour to go in the days work and getting the same pay and the other story of Zack, the tax collector a favorite of mine. I was hit with what if we are craving Jesus like Zack was then maybe life would look different. It would seem fair, because He would be ALL that mattered! Instead, we Americans crave the American dream of more, more, more and we never seem to get to that place and then others scream that life hasn't handed them their fair don't get me wrong both points might be fair, but then again is that point of is anything fair?

Let's look at both of these stories a little ~ Zack we are told was trying to see Jesus. He had a burning desire, a craving to see Jesus. A man that worked for the Romans and stole from others still had a burning desire to see Jesus. He was going to do what it took to see Jesus. He wanted to experience this for himself ~ Jesus! He had a craving to experience Jesus are we able to say this about ourselves? Ponder on that a moment and then look at Matthew a moment.

Is it our call what someone should pay another whether they work a full day or only one hour? Isn't it their call? In our day and age this one is hard to take into our minds and wrap around it. We want everything equal and this scripture isn't about that is it? If someone finds God right before death and yet we have served Him a long time does that seem fair? Well, we should be rejoicing another soul will be in heaven instead of questioning whether it is fair or not, but is this our nature?

If we are like Zack then we are rejoicing that this person found Jesus before it was too late they had a craving for Jesus, so it is joyous and right and everything is wonderful! On the other hand, if we are worried about being fair then our cravings are not about Jesus it is the things of this world that control us and it is our choice what we crave, so I think it is fair...We get to decide for ourselves do we crave Jesus or the other more? I want you to think about if we are craving Jesus then we aren't worried about whether anything is fair because all we care about is Jesus! Ponder it...

So, ponder today what are you craving and if you think it is fair what you crave! I can honestly tell you that I crave Jesus, more and more of Jesus is my burning desire to know more and more and it is my prayer that this is your craving as well! I don't worry myself with questions about the why's or fairness because I know that God plans things. He understands the big picture and I don't know the big picture, so it isn't for me to worry about whether or not something is fair! So, you might want to think on that one over the weekend and know in your heart that our plans are not God's plans and we definitely do not know the whole picture!!!!

Sweet blessings,

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