Friday, October 8, 2010

Those that know you best, don't really know you at all?

Don't you love this little boy? The feelings of the ones he knows best have hurt his feelings? Ever felt that way? I think Jesus must have felt that way from the stories from Mark 6 and Matthew 13 today. Jesus returned to Nazareth, his hometown and He was teaching in the synagogue, and they scoffed and shunned Him because after all He was the son of Mary and Joseph and He is only a carpenter after all. The Word tells us they were deeply offended. Imagine, they were offened then how did Jesus feel? Amazed.

Yes, amazed. The same word to describe belief of the Roman officer is the same word used here with unbelief. Jesus was amazed that His own hometown people didn't believe. Isn't this often times the way we are? We have someone among us that posesses lots of knowledge, but because of our own insecurity issues we question them or we ignore them...or we are jealous and we just close our hearts and ears? We are so human and so wrong. I admit I've done this at times and it is sooooooo wrong!

Today, this story jumped off the page because of the word amazed. I was so touched and have shared all week about amazing Jesus with our faith, but today He was amazed with unbelief! My heart was oh Lord please let me amaze you with believing with all my heart in You and all You Are and Will always be, don't ever let my human failures get in the way of believing in You!

What about you? Which way do you amaze Jesus? Will He be like the little boy in the picture, so upset with the hurt that He can't look up or will He be smiling so proudly from ear to ear in your belief?

The choice is ours!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie,I am praying that I will amaze Jesus with my faith not my unbelief.