Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Let's cross ~ not perhaps or maybe!

Storms in life are coming not perhaps or maybe! At some point we face storms in our journey and the LORD tells us we will get through because of Him, but when it hits are we like the disciples shouting Lord, don't you care? Of course, He cares He died for us, He was sent for us and yet we question Him?

Jesus doesn't tell the disciples that they might get across the water. He is firm in all three gospels about crossing to the other side. He thinks they know by now who He is and He goes to sleep, but first sign of trouble they shout to Him and show no faith and all He has been teaching them...

What about you? When you lay down at night and the phone rings with bad news do you immediately shout Lord, don't you care? Do you put your faith into action? Do you know that with Jesus you may have galhnh which means sudden calm? That is the word Jesus shouted at the waters or do you have upheaveal and fear fed by the evil one feel you? I love the words Jesus used several translations for Silence which meant be silent, hold one's peace and still was to close your mouth or be made speechless! Shouldn't we walk around in awe of Our Savior in awe and speechless and the disciples had witnessed miracle after miracle, walked in His footsteps and yet they shouted Don't you care?

Jesus told them before He ever laid down and went to sleep they would make it and they forgot one fact that we all seem to forget God wasn't going to let the Messiah go down in a boat, no He had bigger things in mind for Him! We do not serve a small God, we serve a Mighty God with a Mighty plan to save all of us and yet we shout Don't you care all the time! HOW? HOW DO WE SHOUT THOSE WORDS? God let Jesus die for you and me and yet we shout Don't you care? INDEED HE CARES! Lord, my prayer again today is for me to have the faith of the Roman officer that will amaze you!!! You are ALL that matters! I love you!

Sweet blessings,

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