Friday, October 29, 2010

Dirty feet are just the beginning of this cleansing...

I have to admit that I struggle with feet. Clean feet are difficult for me, so I place myself in this room with 12 men that I love, but they have walked all day in sandals on a dirty, dusty road. The smells, the rough feet, the job would not be easy, but the LORD served them anyway! Of course, He paid a price in a much bigger way on the cross, but I am struggling with this little act He did much less the bigger!

Am I alone Lord?

Do I struggle with this alone?

Such a beautiful demonstration of your love for us and yet I struggle because of dirty feet! You simply stood, took off your robe, wrapped a towel around your waist and began to serve the ones you loved in that room. What a beautiful service, what a beautiful act of love and yet I know in my heart the struggle I would feel...I beg your forgiveness for feeling so unworthy at this moment...

One commentary stated it was a true measure of humility. I struggle with the dirty feet it's not the act of humbling myself to serve, it is the act of the washing the dirty feet and I am appalled with myself, but yet I feel that I must be open and honest and beg forgiveness. I thank you Lord for showing me once again what I need to see about myself. I don't like what I see, but I admit and beg forgiveness that my heart will become more like yours and that it will not be dirty feet I see, but the feet of someone I love and that I will be ready to serve and love the ones with dirty feet as well. Lord, thank you for loving me in spite of myself and I pray that I will become more and more like you with each moment of each day. Amen.

Sweet blessings,

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