Saturday, October 30, 2010

Devil just wants to agitate us!

Debbie, Debbie, Satan has asked to agitate you! Imagine, how Peter felt when the Lord told him that Satan was after him. The Messiah was telling Peter I've prayed for you to succeed in your faith. You will fall, but you will get back up. Serving the Lord the devil comes after you...he fights for you. Judas lost the battle, Peter won the battle, which will be our fate or should I say choice?

After all, it is our choice to be strong and stand with The Lord or weak and let the devil win. The devil gets permission to enter and if we open a small crack even - he is in to fight for us! We must stand firm and stable with the LORD in repentence when we fail!

In study today, when your name is stated twice like in Luke 22, it is a sign or expression of sincere love with a warning to us. Think back to growing up with your parents and the times they might have used your full name or said your first name twice, isn't this so?

Jesus, is the way! In the reading today from John 14, we are told to trust in God, and trust also in Jesus. We must have confidence in God and know it all to be true and then the devil will not and can not win! Next time we are agitated, think about who might be getting through that crack to attack and win! Be strong and Be courageous and remember who is with us when we fight the battle - OUR MIGHTY SAVIOR!

Sweet blessings,

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