Monday, October 11, 2010

One crumb, One Word

I've always been bothered by this passage. Bothered that Jesus would treat this woman with the language of it isn't right to take food from the children and give it to the dogs. Today, I decided that I would look a little deeper; afterall I knew I didn't like this story on the surface.

I learned this woman would have been Greek and lived in a land of idolaters. All or most of the people were idol worshippers and Jesus had been very specific with the disciples about "Go not into the way of the Gentiles" back in Matthew 10 remember? So, He was teaching and being careful how He handled this situation. Perhaps He was teaching I came for the Israelites. He was now among them and I believe reminding the disciples He hadn't taught this woman and they hadn't taught this woman, but she believed.

Imagine the scene the disciples wanting her leave them along and a persistent woman! Next it tells us that she came and worshipped him, saying Lord help me! What a cry out for mercy! She believed in Him from the bottom of her heart and knew His mighty power. He told her that The Israelites needed to be filled first. Well, that implies that something might be left over right? A little bit of hope peeking through and she caught it! Truth, LORD is what her next words meant. She knew who He was and believed yet again we are taught by someone from the outside that showed more faith than those surrounding Him. She knew that one crumb of His power and grace could heal her daughter. She was happy to take the leftovers, she knew they held just as much power. Again, we are told that Jesus only marveled at two things faith and unbelievers!

The woman returned home to find her daughter clothed and sitting on the couch with the demon gone is what one commentary stated. One crumb and what a lesson for the rest of us! What a teaching from this woman that would take the crumbs from beneath the table and know that her daughter was healed!

Wow, still not the easiest story in the Word, but it is an amazing teaching of faith from a woman that believed in Jesus!

So, do we realize the power in Jesus?

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, that is an interesting story in the Bible. Thanks for doing the research for us and sharing what you learned. I always thought that it seemed harsh of Jesus to say what He did to the woman. I know now that there is more meaning to His comments.

Her faith amazes me too because she seemed to have more than the disciples who had been with Jesus. The disciples didn't know how or where they would get enough bread to feed the crowd after seeing Jesus perform miracles in their presence. Yet she knew a "crumb" was enough. Wow!