Monday, October 18, 2010

We KNOW each other

I love the peace and comfort the words from John 10 bring to me. The words that Jesus knows my heart, my thoughts, my everything that Jesus, Our Savior knows everything about me and still loves me! I love that it goes on and reassures us that we are able to indeed know Him. We KNOW He is our Savior, that He died for us and that the Word is Him! We are in relationship with Our Shepherd and the illustrations that Jesus used are so reassuring and beautiful!

He is the gate! We are protected at the Gate by Him and because of Him. We enter through the door by knowing who He is...Our Savior! The Shepherd takes care of, protects, knows, loves, tends, searches for the lost, the shepherd is such a beautiful illustration that provides such a comforting and loving picture of our Father! Jesus is the way into the fold of God's Kingdom and He stands to welcome you with His open loving arms at the doorway, after all He is the doorway, the only way!

What a beautiful way to begin another work week ~ think about Jesus watching over you in those difficult moments when you face a problem at home, but yet the boss needs you to finish a project. Think about Jesus the protector watching over you when your loved one lays in the hospital bed waiting to be healed...Beautiful knowing just how much Our Shepherd indeed, loves each of us! Give God the Glory and Praise Him all the time ~ Good or Bad Praise Him!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Debbie, your reminder to us to give God the glory and praise Him all the time reminded me of the scene that has been on the TV today of the Chilean rescued miner.

He is kneeling on the beach next to his son and lifting his hands towards heaven he praises God and tells God that he will adore Him forever. It was so touching.

I praise You, O Lord and I will adore You forever!