Monday, August 8, 2011

God made...and we can only imagine!

In Jeremiah 10:12; we are reminded that God made are the words -
But God made the earth by his power, and he preserves it by his wisdom. With his own understanding he stretched out the heavens.

Wow! God the Creator of ALL!

We take our paint brushes or drawing pencils and have a difficult time, but God made the real thing! Over the past several weeks here in Colorado it's struck me just how small I am and how big God is...if you are in the mountains and you see people at a distance on the mountain hiking they look like ants. The mountains go on and on and on...they are huge, but God is bigger. The whole trip my mind keeps going to God the Creator and His wonderful imagination in creating everything. The animals, to the streams, to the mountains, to the rocks, to the humans that look like ants God thought about all of it and created it and it is blowing my mind.

We worry and we fret over the S & P people downgrading us, we fret over, if congress will raise the debt limit, and we fret over will anybody ever get along again...when all of this comes into focus of what matters we should only be focused on God! God will take care of things in His own way; oh we make choices that might change it a little bit, but God is in charge and only He knows what is going to happen with all of it, but as I get ready to return to the real world of home and everyday life I go with a sense of it will all be okay! God is in charge and this gives me peace that none of the people making all these decisions are truly in charge ~ only God!

Sweet blessings,

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