Friday, August 5, 2011

No I didn't order a cup of anger...

You sit down you order in a restaurant a cup of something - I would wager to think it would not be a cup of anger! How many of us want a cup of anger from a friend or foe; much less God!

Judgment from God! He is very angry and He will send it for us to drink at times. Yes, we have grace, Hebrews 12 about God's discipline. God still will discipline and I know we don't like to think about it, but it is true. Read this chapter and study it.

Over and over, over and over, we push and we shove and we don't listen and finally God tires of our disobedience...Read about God's anger, but more important read about His love, but do not ever forget that we must be obedient...Yes, He forgives but our choices or disobedience will come with a price...

In today's reading from Jeremiah 36 when the king let the man read the scroll shocked me. The king was sitting before the fire to keep and warm and each time Jehudi finished reading a column that section was cut off and the king took a knife and cut off that section and threw it in the fire. Contempt for God's Word...We may not cut it off and toss it in the fire, but are we picking it up and opening it up...and then reading it? Is it not really bad to just leave it laying, unopened on the coffee table? Do we realize the value of God's Word? Over and over 3 men begged the king don't do that...but he wouldn't listen? How often do we not listen?

Listen today!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

That is a scary thing, contempt for God's Word. In what ways am I showing contempt, disobedience???

Thank God for Jesus! I do not want to drink from God's cup of anger. Revelation speaks of this cup of wrath.