Friday, August 26, 2011


Sadness felt with the words today. Repeatedly warned by the prophets that God sent to change or face destruction. In today's reading Jerusalem fell.

The event was so huge that it is recorded four times in God's Word. Jeremiah was very accurate in the predictions he had given the people - God had given the details and He allowed it to happen.

Often times I've heard Jeremiah refered to as "the weeping prophet" today I understood. All of the treasures that David had saved and Solomon used in the temple were either destroyed or hauled off to Babylon. Later on we will see they were even used at an immoral banquet by one of these awful people! I got it! I understood the tears of absolute heartbreak that Jeremiah felt. He felt like he had failed, because the people did not listen. God's temple was destroyed and the people allowed it to happen.

Warnings were everywhere, but they decided to ignore them or we doing that right now? After recently studying Revelation it hits me about everything that is happening in the world and how we could be ignoring God's warnings. WE don't know His Time Schedule, but He gives us warnings and the choice of following Him...or we following His desires and His instructions? You may ask what are they? Well, pick up His Word and find out for yourself! Choose Him and know the treasure of His Word, but also the peace that you are ready, if He does decide its time for Him to return! Oh, what a glorious day it will be!

Sweet blessings,

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