Monday, August 22, 2011

Set empty pot on coals - Heat it red hot!

God does finish everything!

God wanted to get rid of all the filth! So, He wanted everything burned up and out...all evil gone.

So, in Ezekiel 24, he uses the story about putting a pot on the fire and taking God's choice people or in the story the best part of the sheep flock and putting them in the pot to boil.
Israel was filled with corruption and it can't be cleaned up...

In the end, look at verse 11 - Now set the empty pot on the coals. Heat it red hot! Burn away the filth and corruption.

The empty pot had to be placed back on the fire to be sure it was all gone. In the home of a leper it was done like this read in Leviticus.

Nothing was clean only fire could take away all the sin.

Ezekiel went through so much and he was so obedient. So far, he endured being housebound, tied up, mute, he had to lay on his left side of 390 and his right for 40 days, he had to eat things that were awful, he had to shave his beard and his hair, pack his bags and dig through a wall and these are not all....tomorrow we read about the loss of his wife and the instructions that he can not mourn the love of his life. Is he obedient to God once again?

Obedience is never easy for anyone ~ even someone that God loves! Which is all of us!

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Frankie said...

Wow! Ezekiel really went through some "stuff." What an example of obedience! I think that I would have been asking the Lord, "You want me to do what?"