Thursday, August 25, 2011

In Eden!

We have everything going for us!

What gets in the way?


Ezekiel 28 is the message the LORD gave to Ezekiel for the king of Tyre, but it is also words about Satan. The source of all wickedness and to which the King got his evil ways!

The devil when he was an angel was a model of perfection as was the land of Tyre in the world of trading. Tyre was also a beautiful country like the garden of eden. So perfection was abounding! The devil had every precious stone all specially made for him when he served as the mighty angelic guard, who had unlimited, continuous access to God! You had access to the highest, most prestigious around serving God and Tyre of being set high in the trees!

Perfection until evil found you! The country of Tyre and the angel both ruined by evil and pride..or was it pride that caused evil to invade both angel and land?

The land of Tyre gradually disappeared and its location is no longer prominent. Satan will one day be gone as well and celebrations will take place in the New Heaven and the New Earth! No evil, no pride only God's Glory shining everywhere and surrounding all!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

I can only imagine what that will be like - God's glory serving as our light!