Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Imagine for a moment being Jeremiah - the LORD tells Jeremiah in Jeremiah 27 to make a yoke, and fasten it to your neck with leather straps. The Lord is telling the people must submit to the King of Babylon - even the wild animals are under his control.

Now look closely at the photo of the ox yoke in the photo. Doesn't look to comfortable - does it? The only difference would be the straps would be made of leather and these look like they are made of wood...heavy, bundlesome, beat down or weighted down with true weight on your shoulders...not some of the things we carry around on our shoulders that we don't think we can manage no real weight. So Jeremiah had real weight and the other weight of all the people...all the concerns, all the worry of what was happening to God's people...

Imagine it...Submit means to surrender to another's will.

None of us have any problems with submission - do we? Look around...if it's not my idea then it's probably not a good idea. How many meetings have you been in lately where nothing is settled because it isn't the person in charges idea? Look at our government! Look at our churches! Look at our homes! We all want our own way!

Well, perhaps we should have the look at the lesson that Jeremiah don't believe the lies of others only believe God. Trust in God and allow Him to show us the correct route, so that when our yoke is broken it's not replaced with one that is made of iron and unbreakable. We don't want to carry our yokes the rest of our life - believe God, trust God, and allow Him to take the yoke away forever!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

Reading from Ezekial and Jeremiah this morning I was struck with the strange(to me) instructions that God gave these two prophets.

I couldn't help but wonder about the the people I may think are strange that stand on the sides of the highways holding signs that say JESUS IS COMING or something similar.

I better be careful and thoughtful because God's thoughts and ways are not my thoughts and ways as I see in the Bible.