Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Beauty surrounding us...

Imagine thousands of people in this photo, all trying to get close to one man.  He provided a comfortable place for everyone to gather, to sit down, and eat.  

Jesus is so good!  He even provides a grassy mountain to all of His followers. A relaxing, beautiful place.  He even provides all the food!

Yet, the men closest to Him wonder how?  How and where will they buy the food?  How will the little boy that is here with 5 small barley loaves and two small fish feed all these people?  

Don't you know Jesus wanted to shout what do you mean "How?"  Did you not see when I made water wine?  Did you not witness the healing of the man at the pool? Yet, He is so patient and just ask them to have all the people sit down on the grass.  Soft place to sit and enjoy being in His presence.  

How many people noticed this small amount of food multiply to feed not 5000, but 15000 or so?  After all, God's Word tells us there were 5000 men and they don't count the women and children, so Jesus fed around 15000 people that day.  How many noticed that the food kept coming from the baskets?  How many saw 5 small barley loaves and two small fish become gobs and gobs of food that they were all able to eat all they wanted?  Imagine, Jesus giving in abundance!  

Yes indeed!  Jesus gives in abundance, so much that the people in this crowd were unable to grasp it and sometimes we aren't able either!  Jesus is so much more than we are able to imagine...

Smell the fish.  Smell the bread.  Do you feel the wonder in the air?  Do you hear the words spreading through the crowd, "Is this the Prophet?".  Imagine, sitting on the soft grass and realizing that indeed Jesus is the Messiah!  Jesus the one that will save us all!  He provides all we need, but do we grasp it?

Do you remember the moment you realized who Jesus truly is?  Are you still filled with wonder and excitement?  Return to your moment and savor the Savior!  Don't forget the wonder and awe of what God did for us...Share it!

Be filled with wonder and share Jesus today.

Sweet blessings,

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