Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Hands over hearts

Yesterday, was a sad, but beautiful day!

I drove to Hope, with my sister to attend my uncle's funeral.  My uncle was a special man.  It saddens me that in the busy way of life, we didn't get to see each other often.  We allow life to get in the way of things that matter more our loved ones.  We think of them and we care about them, but our calendars, or jobs, or life just...

The service was so sweet, so touching and the Pastors words were REALLY true about my uncle.  Uncle James was a good man.  

We were driving out to the cemetery when Pam and I turned to the right looking at the children on a schoolyard.  The children were all standing still with their little hands over their hearts saying goodbye.  Wow, what a sweet moment!  Not a child was moving, they were standing perfectly still paying tribute to a man and family that they may not have known at all, but these thirty little ones offered the ones in the cars hope!  Hope for our future, in a town called Hope.

Are we offering hope to the hurting?

Filled with hope,

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