Friday, October 25, 2013

Open our Minds UP...

Do you love it when you finally have one of those light bulb moments?

I do!

I was reading the story this morning found in Luke 24 where Jesus appears to the disciples right before he ascends to heaven.  Imagine, they were all gathered in a room talking about all of the recent experiences with Jesus, when suddenly He is in the room.  At first, they were afraid thinking it's a ghost.  Once again, He shows them His hands and His feet and they were amazed and filled with joy.  Imagine all the sounds of joy in that room once again realizing what Jesus had done for them and for us!

Jesus then ask for something to eat.  I love this that Jesus wanted to eat with them once again.  So they served Him broiled fish and they shared time together.  Perhaps remembering, perhaps asking more questions, but then He "opened their minds to understanding the Scripture."  

I dug in this morning to deeper meanings with the words of this verse and discovered that the original Greek word means to open one's soul to understanding and the "understand" means joining together perception with the perceived to bring together finally getting it!  At that moment, Jesus gave them another wonderful gift!  These people had some understanding before after having been with Him, but now they new how to apply all of it together!

What a fantastic light bulb moment for these special friends, isn't it?  Well, the same is true for us!  The moment that God's Word finally clicks and we get it ~ it is a growth moment that is difficult to explain to others, but we just know.  We know Jesus just like the people that were in that room long ago!

Share your light bulb moments with others!

Sweet blessings,

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