Wednesday, October 2, 2013

More fun with ???

Fun with play-doh!  Yes, I've been coloring and playing with play-doh and you know what?  It's been fun!

Fun!  When was the last time you had a little fun?  I'm talking innocent fun like when you were a little girl?  Try it.  It does bring a special joy to your heart.

It also got me to thinking about that old saying "they broke the mold with you".  Also, words from Jeremiah about the LORD telling him to go down to the potter's house.  

The thoughts were just rolling in my brain.  Couple of questions that popped into my brain were;
If God was going to recreate you, what crack would you ask Him to take care of?  Another thought was do you think God saved the mold of anyone to make others like you?  

Have you ever watched a potter work?   When the art work isn't going quite like they desire, they mash it and start over?  What if God would have done that with all of us?  After all, Jesus was the only keeper in doing everything right, so we would all be mashed down and well...Except God loves us and works with us, so He can use our imperfections to His glory.  What Potter is able to work with imperfections and still see the beauty in it?  He is able to use that crack in your character, that chip on your shoulder He can use that too!  Only God!

It's fun to play with play doh!  I've totally enjoyed my morning tossing the thought process around with the LORD and grabbing His Word to study.


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Chantay said...

The simple things in life. Oh what peace of mind they bring. Helps to refocus.