Thursday, October 17, 2013

Come, return

Over and over we hear the words, but do we come back?

God has been bringing me to the story of Hosea and Gomer since last spring.  It's a difficult story to grasp.  It's a metaphor of  the story Israel and God told in the story of Hosea marrying Gomer, a prostitute because God tells him to.  A woman that continually breaks Hosea's heart over and over again, but Hosea continues to forgive and beg her to come back.  He still loves her!

When I come back to it after being lead, because honestly I like to read other stories and scripture much more than the story of heartbreak.  I don't know. if this is because it makes me so aware of the many times I break God's heart or because of the realization of what an awful world we live in right now.  It breaks my heart to think of how God's heart must be breaking right now.  

Yet, I also realize truly how much God loves us in spite of us!  He doesn't give up on us, yet we continue to break His heart.  What does He do?  He still pursues us.  He still provided the way for us!  He still gives us hope!  He still sends someone to say "I love you no matter what come back"...

The words in Hosea 6:1 ~ "Come, let us return to the LORD..."

It is my prayer that we all hear the call and indeed we return to the Lord.


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