Saturday, October 5, 2013


Stop and listen...

Are you like me rushing through everyday trying to make it to the next meeting?  Next appointment?

Well, this past week I felt the Lord telling me to slow down and listen for moments that He had awaiting for me to respond.  Normally, I keep focused on the next task at hand, but this week I made an effort to follow the instructions I felt the Lord giving me and well I was blessed once again.  Everyday I encountered someone that needed to talk and I needed to listen.  I needed to stand in the gap with arms to hug, tears to shed with them, a nod of the head of understanding, and perhaps sharing that I too struggle with life!  Honesty to help someone else deal with feeling less than they thought they should be...

I believe that we all feel that we are so less than what we should be, when in truth we are only made okay by God himself.  The quicker that we all admit this truth the better off we will all be...All of us fall short.  Do you know when I saw healing begin to take place this week?  When I admitted my own failures to others!  I don't think they were happy I failed; I think it was they for some reason think if you serve in ministry you have it together.  Not true...we fail too!  Daily!  In fact, sometimes a lot in each day!  If my failures help others to heal, I gladly allow God to shine through all my cracks.

I was reminded last week in Sunday school and our lesson of the woman at the well that Jesus went out of His way to see this woman.  To spend time with her and to offer her a gift.  A gift she didn't feel worthy to unwrap, but He gave it to her.  She ran right into the middle of town to share her mess and make it a "message"!  If my mess will help someone else learn about God and His Glory then I'm willing to Stop, listen. and share.

Will you stop and listen today?  Will you get rid of your appointment book and allow God to bless you in the process?

Sweet blessings,

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