Friday, February 13, 2015

Direct with authority

Exodus 37 - 39:31

Today, the words just as the LORD commanded was used over 6 times.  I counted 7 and may have missed some.  It got me to thinking...I know some of you don't like that to happen!  Oh well...

It's important when something is mentioned so many times.  Another thing it said to me is so many of us quit listening when the word commanded is mentioned we miss out!  Authority makes some people's backs go up and anger start just when it's mentioned.

I looked up the word in the original language and it means pretty much what you think lay charge, give charge and direct authority.  Well, I want to put some scenes in your mind that we appreciate someone directing authority...when the traffic lights quit working, when chaos breaks out, don't you look for a police officer or someone to protect you?  What about on an airplane, if something happens don't you look to someone who has authority?  What about if you are in trouble with anybody, don't you look to someone who knows more or has authority?

It gives me peace in my heart to look to a leader that will take charge!  I take comfort knowing that someone knows the path and is willing to lead.  

Over and over, we are reading that God indeed has a plan of action.  He expects it to be followed and HE leads the way.  Follow His path today!

Sweet blessings,

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