Friday, February 6, 2015

In the morning...

Exodus 16 - 19

Moaning and complaining.  Really?  Seriously, they just saw the Red Sea parted along with all the other miracles they witnessed and yet they are really becoming crazy.  It must have been the sun or something...they are remembering pots filled with meat and bread yet they were slaves.  Slaves don't have pots filled and a life of luxury...yet suddenly things are looking really good back in the land of being a slave???? What?  Isn't it typical how we glamorous the past and we put on rose colored glasses to make it even better?

I love what the LORD told Moses.  "Look, I'm going to rain down food from heaven for you...."  God is going to rain down food for all of them enough for everyone of them to eat all they want.  Imagine, when Moses shared the words in the morning you will see God's glory.  Imagine it for yourself.  You have already witnessed miracle, after miracle and Moses is telling you that you are about to see another...God is so good!  God is so good even when HE hears all of our moaning and complaining and not remembering reality...

Every morning we witness a miracle and see the Glory of the LORD!  

Enjoy the Sunrise or the Sunset and give thanks for witnessing HIS Glory!

Sweet blessings,

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