Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Right or Wrong?

Leviticus 7 - 8

Well, today's reading the words making you right with him jumped off the page at me.  Quite honestly, reading through Leviticus is a pretty tough read.  Details, details and these details were very important to God, but to humans like us ~ well we mess them up.  Did it say this or that? Sometimes leaving one word out makes what we are suppose to do a totally different thing....

Thanking Jesus today for the gift none of us deserve.  Jesus gave His life for my wrongs to make me right with God.  Absolutely no way could I be right with God without Jesus!

Today, we begin Lenten season.  Forty days of remembering exactly who Jesus is, what Jesus did for each of us and the wow of this amazing love!  Perhaps if you don't practice giving up something during lent, try something new read slowly through one of the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke or John and the beautiful story of Jesus during these Lenten days. Allow Jesus to work in your heart during the Lenten season and every other day of the year.

Sweet blessings,

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