Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ignore everything

Exodus 7:25 - 9

Wow, aren't we just like the Pharaoh?  Oh, is it just me?

God gave Moses instructions again in Exodus about standing on the bank of the Nile taking the staff to once again with him to use in front of the Pharaoh.  So, Moses and Aaron are standing beside the Nile staff in hand, when they begin to tell the Pharaoh that God told them to tell him to "let His people go" and then to take the staff and hit the water, which will then turn to blood.  The fish will die and everything will stink.  The people no longer will be able to drink the water.  Aaron then will raise his hand over all the other waters turning them too.  They did everything just as instructed and well it happened.  

Then Pharaoh immediately turned from his ways and let the people go, right?  Nope!  We learn in verse 23 of chapter 7, that he returned to his palace and put the whole thing out of his mind.  How?  How? 

Well, don't we feel the same way sometimes?  I know that I listen to the news and I know in my heart what God is warning us about through reading His Words, hearing sermons, and prayer, but it is as if I do just like Pharaoh did.  I return home and put the whole thing out of my mind!  Don't you?  It saddens me to be like Pharaoh, but if we take a look around, aren't we?  What are we standing for or against?  Does it line up with God's Word?  My word doesn't matter, but God's Word does matter!  I can tell you anything is alright,but it doesn't matter what I say. it matters what God's says. 

Why aren't we responding to things that we know are wrong?  Are we sharing of God's love?  Are we agreeing with everything the world is telling us and ignoring God?  It saddens me, but it seems like being politically correct is more important than truth.  We can't speak truth, we might hurt somebody's feelings.  Yet, over and over unbelievers speak their truth and hurt my feelings.  Why is it easier to speak untruths rather than truth?  Why is it easier to believe another human rather than God?  

I don't want to be like Pharaoh.  I don't want to return home putting it all out of my mind, while those around me suffer.  Do you?

What truths will you share today?  

I share with you that sometimes truth hurts, but it also Saves!

Sweet blessings,

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