Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pleasing aromas and do not act like people in...

Leviticus 17 -19

Today, the words pleasing aroma to the LORD and So do not act like people in...You must not imitate their way of life pretty much got me right off the bat...

Why are these two so difficult to live?  I mean don't we want to be pleasing like this little girl with a sweet smile and happy?  Don't we want to look different than the ugliness of this world? 

I remember last summer returning home to a terrible smell in my home.  I was immediately struck when I unlocked the door that something was wrong.  I searched, I looked, and finally discovered a small water leak coming from the ice maker that well after leaking for several weeks while I was away made a terrible smelly mess!  I wanted to avoid it at all cost and no I was not smiling like this little girl.  It was not a pleasing aroma!

I want so desperately to have the beautiful aroma of this little girl.  Happy, smiling and set apart from the world.  I don't want to look like the world!  I want to look like Christ and unfortunately except for occasionally our world doesn't look like Christ.

Today, let's begin to make the steps to look and smell like Christ!  Let's be pleasing to Christ and not the world!

Sweet blessings,

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