Thursday, February 5, 2015

Get moving!

Exodus 13 -15

I love the story today about the people being freed.  God doesn't take them on a direct path and that is so important, because our paths are not always direct either...sometimes we need the long way around to realize easy is not always better!  Anyway, when the Israelites arrive at the Red Sea and realize the Egyptians are chasing them  panic sets in. Then the beginning of  yelling Why?  Don't we do that too?  Why? Why?  

Don't you know poor Moses really felt like he knew the right answer and he replied.  Don't be afraid.  Stand still and watch God take care of  you today.  Not his exact words, but close.  He felt pretty calm telling people this after all God had done that this was the right answer, but well God's ways are not our ways, because in the next verse we see the LORD say, Why are you crying out to me?  Tell the people to get moving.  Don't you love it?  I do.  You think you know the answer and all along well not so much!

I just picture this scene in my head.  The people all standing demanding Moses give them the answer and he replies and then realizes that is not what God wants at all.  So, immediately they are told get moving.  How quickly do you respond when God tells you to get moving?  Sometimes I want to drag my feet and wait for God to rescue me and I'll just be honest about it and sometimes I realize God is waiting for me to show faith and get moving.  

The only way to know for sure is to listen to God.  He will direct our paths, but we must pay attention.  He will show the way.  He told me very directly one day to MOOOOOOOOVE through email.  Yes, I had prayed about whether I needed to move my office and felt Him directing me to move.  I thought very directly, but I don't move on the first time...second...but on the third I did.  The email was my third very direct answer.  It was really cool!

Look for your direction and movement today from the LORD!

Sweet blessings,

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Frankie said...

This passage also reminded me of moving the JOS office!