Monday, February 16, 2015

Light shines forward

Numbers 8 - 9, Leviticus 1 -3

In my home church I have loved the altar recently, which many lamps have been placed on.  Some lamps on and some lamps are off on the altar, which really struck a chord with me.  Our lights shine at different times, we have ahh ha moments at different times, and we allow God to use us at different times.  Honestly, it has spoken to me every time I've been able to attend realizing how sometimes the light shines and other times it doesn't...the switch is ready for each of us to respond yes, but do we allow it to be turned?

Today, in Numbers God is very detailed with instructions about preparing the lamps so that their light shines forward in front of the lampstand.  I kept pondering and pondering and came to this Debbie thought ~ God shines through our the cracks in our past forward to the whole lamp being switched on to light the path!  God shines through it all, but really the path is shining when we respond with yes!

I've been struggling for a few months and quite honestly felt the light switch turn this past week.  A friend took me to lunch and gave me a beautiful book that spoke to my heart about ideas.  God used my sweet, honest friend with me in a way that I desperately needed and I feel I've finally turned a corner!  Thanks Jeanie for opening my eyes and helping me through.  I had a birthday this past week and so many of you helped me realize how blessed I am through your special ways of being a friend.  

Be the friend today that somebody needs!  Allow your light switch to turn!

Sweet blessings,

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