Sunday, February 1, 2015

Letting go

Exodus 1 -4: 1-17 and 1 Chronicles 6: 1-3a

What is it you love most in the world?  I would imagine a lot of you mothers think of your children or all of you mothers.  Some think of your spouses.  Some think of family period and still I am sure the list goes on and on...I think that one of the stories today always just makes my heart jump thinking of the tremendous love a mother shows her son, but also the family as a whole shows by the lengths they go to protect the baby.

The story of baby Moses and how this whole little family protected this little boy for 3 months.  Imagine, the first 3 months of his life.  The cries of a little one that we know he will make, but this family and God protected him from being found knowing they had to come up with a plan to save his little life.  A plan of building a basket and placing it in the Nile river.  What?  Amongst the crocs?  (and I'm not talking shoes)  Does this sound like a good plan to you?

I have to believe this mother was close to the Great I Am.  How else could a mother place her much loved baby in a basket in the river with these nasty looking critters?  She trusted God to work out all the details to save her child.  God placed a princess by the river to rescue this little baby.  Baby Moses who grows into a man that feels so unworthy to save his people, but because he too grows to trust and believe God he does!

What is it today that perhaps you need to release and trust God with the outcome?  What words is God asking you to speak perhaps, but you feel you just can't?  Well, look at the man Moses and know that indeed you can speak too!  

Read the passages today from Exodus and believe and trust in the Great I Am!

Sweet blessings,

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