Friday, May 15, 2015


Recently, when Kenny and I were at our favorite place in Colorado I found many blue birds.  I kept trying to get a photo and finally I was able to get just a couple before off the blue bird flew.  The blue is just so blue and so beautiful!  I was so inspired to keep keep looking for that little blue bird in those huge mountains.  It wasn't an easy task, but one that I wanted so badly, so I kept trying!

What inspires you daily?  Who inspires you daily?

Okay, for those of you that know me well ~ you know I love to encourage!  It's something that I believe everyone of us is quite capable of doing, but it is whether we choose to help someone smile rather than frown.  It is our choice just as it is our choice what we think on hot topics!  So today, choose to help someone smile!  Another thing that a lot of you know is that I love television shows that also inspire you to make people happy rather than bring someone down.  Life is tough enough with real life, so why not encourage right?

Well, I am about to get on my soapbox, so if you don't want to go any further...see  you next time!  Why, why all the drama with everything now?  A couple of examples for me recently that have grasp my attention...deflate gate with the NFL.  Some people say what's the big deal...well the big deal is someone cheated.  Is that so difficult to admit?  Pay up.  Accept that you make a bad choice and you must pay a price. After all you are teaching young people, if you don't pay a price then  it's okay to cheat.  I am a huge football fan and yes they are an awesome team, but inspire rather than cheat.  I'll admit that I am not so much  a Patriot fan, but if my favorite team the Broncos cheat, then I would want the same penalty!  

Okay, next we have George S...on Good Morning America.  I love George watch him every morning, but we don't agree on anything politically, but I love him.  Yes, I don't agree with him and still like him!   I appreciated this morning that he admitted he made a mistake.  He admitted it and let's move what  if we don't all agree on politics.  

Now, I move on to something that I love even more and that is Dancing with the Stars.  Yes, it's been a hard week for me as many of you know I am a huge Hough fan!  I did not agree with the way the powers that be showed packages about Nastia that were less than favorable...yet she handled herself with grace and beauty!  I know the producers showed the package at least 3 times and I think 4  ~ of a small period of time that hurt Nastia.  All for drama.  Here is a young couple that brought absolutely nothing but beauty and light into the ball room and yet from the focus of the package you would think it was tempers...Yet even in the voting from the ballroom this young couple taught all of us how we need to handle ourselves when dealt a bad deal...Bring light, grace, and beauty even into difficult moments! 

We touch more people with turning the other cheek or looking for the blue birds in the journey!  Today, encourage someone, lend a helping hand.

Psalm 138: 1
I give thanks, O Lord, with all my heart; I will sing your praises before the gods.

Yes, today sing God's praises as you spot the blue bird!

Sweet blessings,

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