Monday, May 25, 2015

Traveling for wisdom

Queen of Sheba when you read those words what comes to your mind?  Have you ever heard anybody ask somebody who do you think you are the Queen of Sheba?  Well, I guess she was all that you think when you hear the word Queen of something.  She was important and everybody knew it.

What intrigued me this morning reading in 1 Kings 10 about her was how far she traveled to ask questions.  Yes, questions and not easy questions - hard questions that would test King Solomon.  She traveled over 1500 miles over very rough terrain and circumstances.  It's not like the way we travel by getting in a car or airplane with cool air or warm air along with restroom stops that are indoors with nice facilities no this was a very hard trip.  Yes, she was a queen, but even for a queen it would have been difficult to make this trip. Rough roads, deserts, critters and so much more. Yet, she said YES to this adventure to seek answers!  

All that keeps going through my mind is how far do we go to seek answers?  Is it to our computers or ipads?  Is this really the answers we seek or do we want more?  

We should all learn from the Queen of Sheba that she traveled a long way to ask important questions that she desired answers for and it did not matter how difficult the trip was to get what she needed!  It will not always be easy in this trip of life!  The answers we seek may cost us in blood, sweat, and tears.  If we truly seek answers even if it hurts, we will go through the difficulty to get some of the answers ( and it probably isn't what we think we need)  Are we willing to travel even across the hall for answers?

Another thing that struck me was she brought a lot of gifts with her.  She wanted something to offer as well in return for what she would receive.  What are we willing to offer the LORD when He gives us the answers we need?

Even the Queen of Sheba realized the gift Solomon had by the answers and all that surrounded him.  She was overwhelmed and amazed so she even offered praise to the LORD.  We don't know if she truly believed, but she was moved and she had to speak of it.  She realized God blessed Solomon.

Say Yes to the adventure!  Seek the answers!  God is big enough to answer them, but be ready to be will be in His Way not ours.  Say Yes for the trip of a lifetime and eternity!

Sweet blessings,

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