Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mercy forever

1 Kings 8: and 2 Chronicles 5

Today reading the story of the ark being brought into the temple just touched my soul.  Imagine the scene for yourself the sounds of the priests playing trumpets and cymbals, harps, lyres and the singers all praising God and giving thanks!  Over and over the words that were said in Hebrew were these...
For He is good, for his mercy is endless.
Imagine it and suddenly the glorious presence of the LORD filled the temple!  Wow!  Don't you love those goose bump moments?  Well, this is definitely a goose bump moment!  God showed up!

The words above tell us exactly who God is...yesterday, today, and forever!  Claim it daily these words ~

For He is good, for his mercy is endless.

Always, God's love, kindness, mercy is forever!  Claim these words and have your very own goose bump moment!

Sweet blessings,

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