Saturday, June 6, 2015

Chasing the wind?

Ecclesiastes 1:12 - 6:12

The phrase "like chasing the wind" caught my eye this morning.  8 times to be exact!  Yes, 8 times Solomon felt like telling each of us it is all meaningless-like chasing the wind.  What does that mean to you?

Well, to me it means that we are not going to catch what we desire by running after it.  Here is the wisest man, the wealthiest man, the most desired man (1000 women), the king, and so much more, but nothing is making him happy.  Ever been there?  Well probably not the king, or the wealthiest, or the wisest, but running to be happy with where you are at the moment?  

Are you content?  How do you define content?  Well here are a few of my thoughts - satisfied, happy, gratified, at ease, pleased, pleased as punch...Are you any of these?  We need to find our happy place and keep our focus on Him.  Yes, Him and by Him I mean the LORD.  Once we place our focus on Him the rest seems to fall into place otherwise we constantly are chasing the wind...never to find that satisfied spot.  Think about it without Him doesn't that hole inside of you just get bigger and bigger?  Stuff that you think will make you happy?  Nope.  People that will make you happy?  Nope.  Places?  Nope.  Only God will satisfy that spot, because He designed us to want Him for that empty spot deep inside and only God will make us happy and content where we stop chasing the wind!

I love the little girl chasing the birds.  Don't stop having fun - God desires to run with us chasing the birds, but we don't have to search for answers in the run.  God is the answer!

Sweet blessings,

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