Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Open the door and run for your life!

Tickled is the only word for my reaction to the beginning of the reading this morning in 2 Kings 9.  I mean Elisha the prophet calls in a  prophet tells him to get ready for a trip.  While you are packing take a flask of oil and go find Jehu.  Go into a private room and tell him that the LORD says he is anointed king of Israel and then these words "open the door and run for your life!"  

Now don't you know this prophet was wondering really do I look like I"m a good runner? Do you think he was eager to pack on up and head out?  You know that you are in danger because immediately you are given the words and "run for it!"

Come on and laugh with me.  It's okay.  After all, I know a lot people (myself included ) at the beginning of our walk with the LORD thinks I'm following the LORD things are gonna be great and easy...well the great part is definitely a yes, but the easy well not so much!  The devil gets busy when we choose to follow the LORD and when we begin to say YES to God's instructions well it's  far from easy at times.  I'm sorry this just struck a chord with me that life isn't easy and the picture of these man's big eyes wanting to be obedient, but really me?? Do you think he wondered do you have another job opening for me?  Do you think he worried about being a slow runner and his robe getting caught on something in the room?  Did he look like he was capable of handling this assignment?  He had to wonder why me.  After all, don't you ever have those same thoughts "why me"?  Well, we probably all do at times, but we need to follow this man's example and do as we are told. 

The prophet did exactly as he was told.  He annointed Jehu told him the prophesy opened the door and ran!  Immediately the people that surrounded Jehu said these words "What did that madman want?"  Jehu replied, "You know how a man like that babbles on."  Well, we may be called names like this man was, but he was obedient.  He did exactly what he was suppose to do.  He isn't named.  He isn't talked about any more, but he followed through on his instructions from God.

Today, follow through with God's instructions.  You might even giggle thinking of the big eyes this prophet had to have when he was given his instructions to open the door and run for your life!  Today, open the door and run for your life giggling as you go!

Sweet blessings,

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