Sunday, June 28, 2015

Lamp for my feet

Today, I am writing from my heart.  I am off the year long posting today on chronological bible and will get back to it tomorrow.

Today, it's all about the words that I used yesterday about God speaking to me about division and the starting of JOS.  My first question to you is how does God speak to you?  Is He speaking to you?  I haven't heard the audible voice of God, but He does indeed speak to me from His Word, through people, through nature.  God directs my path.  I don't react after one instance thinking it's a God thing.  It is usually something I've prayed about for awhile and I wait for at last three reassurances from God's Word, someone, or again through nature or prayer.  Sometimes, I continually wait and He continues to speak until I respond.

Today, what's on my heart is the lack of actually picking up the bible and then actually reading it.  The bible is not a pretty coffee table book.  I believe it is the inspired Word of God.  I know and believe it is living, because when I left it on my coffee table without opening it....well my life was not all it could be!  I'm not just saying it. This is truth and not a difficult one to attain, if we choose to open it up.

When things happen in the world, how do you decide what you believe?  Is it what the television tells you, is it what your parents or loved ones tell you, is it what your peers tell you, is it what your pastor tells you on Sunday?  Well, how's that working for you deep down in your soul?  I encourage you to pick it up, read it, place yourself in the story and let it come to life and let God speak into your life!

Here are a few statistics for you:  80% of people according to a survey from 2014 do not own a bible, only 26% read a bible regularly, only 19% are considered engaged in reading the bible 4 times a week and consider it the inspired word of God.  Well, according to these statistics things might not be going well in your journey.  Try opening up God's Word and allowing Him to help you along daily.

In Psalm 119:105 these words are given ~
Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.

Reading God's word is a habit just like eating your breakfast or brushing your teeth.  Try it.  Make it part of your preparing daily, so that God is able to speak into your life.  I say all of this with the upmost love for each of you.  NO judgment only love.  I know what a difference it makes, because it made a huge one in my journey.  Don't allow others to take bits and pieces and then make up a whole new version....(ME INCLUDED).  Read it and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.  I promise you that it will make a huge difference daily.  Does it take away your problems?  No, but it allows you to trust and believe that God is way bigger than anything we face here on earth.  It also allows you to see that God is the only constant.  God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow and HE is eternal.  Absolutely nothing else is and His Word gives you amazing peace only found through Him.

Do you want a Word from God?  Open your hearts, open your ears, pray, read His Words and expect Him to show up.  He will, but it will be in His Timing not ours!

I love each of you and just want to encourage you to give yourself a gift!  Open God's Word and allow Him in!

Sweet blessings,

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