Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Go wash yourself

2 Kings 5 -8

Reading this morning, I was reminded we must humble ourselves to ever be healed!  We, humans struggle with thinking we are pretty special.  Today, Naaman in chapter 5 is a very good example of being proud even when he needed help.

Naaman goes to Elisha for healing of leprosy.  A terrible disease that causes people to be separated and alone most of the time.   Naaman heard of the possibility of Elisha being able to heal him, he travels for healing and Elisha sends word of what to do to be healed and what happens?  Naaman gets angry because Elisha didn't come out to meet him and it was something pretty simple.  He sent word of what Naaman needed to do and it wasn't the message he expected to receive.  You would think he would be happy, but he wasn't.  It was different, unexpected, or something out of the ordinary to what Naaman thought would happen, so he was angry!

How often because of our own pride to we miss out on our healing?  All Naaman had to do was go to the river and wash himself seven times.  Naaman was so angry, if his officers had not reasoned with him; he would have missed his healing!  Naaman had to go down in the water to rise up and be healed!  

How often do we need to get down on our knees in prayer and look up to the Savior for healing?  How often do we let our pride get in the way of being healed?

We may not understand God's ways of healing, but He knows the big picture!  We must trust Him and believe.  Do we need to get on our knees today?  Do we need to encourage someone else, so that they might be healed?

Remember, Naaman today.  He didn't hear Elisha at first, but his friends cared enough to ask the question he needed to hear.  Do we care enough to ask the question?

Sweet blessings,

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