Monday, October 12, 2015

Listen to him

Mark 8: 22 - 9:13, Matthew 16: 13 - 17:13, Luke 9: 18 - 27

I love the story of the transfiguration!  The beautiful amazing scene that is shared in Mark 9:2 - 13,  Matthew 17: 1- 13,  Luke 9:28 -36.

These words from the story told in three different gospels struck a chord with me ~
Listen to him.  God spoke to the disciples these words after Peter was looking for something to say and just blurted out what came to his mind.  Imagine it.  Don't judge.  After all, what if standing before you were Moses, Elijah and Jesus talking; you might blurt out something less than stellar too!  God immediately spoke to them reminding them who Jesus was and is and to listen to Him.

Who do we all listen to?  

God is giving us very important instructions here.  Remember who Jesus is and to then take action by listening to His directions!

Listen today and every day!

Sweet blessings,

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