Friday, October 9, 2015

You feed them

Today is about feeding the 5000 and walking on water!  Not a big deal for Jesus, but for those of us that question how???  Well, it might be a big deal!

Jesus provided everything needed to feed the 5000 (which is the men in the number doesn't include women and children) so He actually took care of more people.  He didn't worry when the disciples stated we only have 5 loaves and 2 fish, no He just took care of the meal.  He provided all that was needed and we are told  they had 12 baskets of leftovers!  12!  We must believe!

Jesus is pretty direct in verse 16 of Matthew 14.  The disciples try to tell Jesus to send the crowds away and this is His words ~
"That isn't necessary-you feed them."
Do you think they looked at each with how? what? when? now?  You know they did.  After all, aren't we a lot like them?  We wonder how and yet God provides the way!  Oh it is never the way we imagine, but He provides!

We must believe His amazing words just do it!  The just doing takes faith, doesn't it?  Peter had it for a moment in Matthew 14 when Jesus was walking on water and he climbed over the edge.  The moment he took his eyes off Jesus and saw all the difficulty of strong winds and high waves, he began to sink.  Don't we do this too?  We lose our focus and sight of Jesus!

Today keep your eyes on Jesus and achieve things only done with Him providing the way!

Sweet blessings,

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