Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Spreading the news

Mark 5, Matthew 8:28 -9:26, Luke 8: 26 - 56

Today, I was struck with these words from Mark 5 after Jesus healed the demon possessed man.  "Spreading the news as they ran".

What was the last bit of news that you shared running or walking?  Was it fact or was it fiction?  Was it news about Jesus?

Often times in our little worlds we don't think it is appropriate to talk about religion.  I agree it's not an easy topic, people get really nervous, but have you tried just sharing what Jesus is doing and not your thoughts or beliefs?  Jesus is the key.  He is still working and He is still doing amazing things just like what we have been reading about in the Bible, so share it!  No preaching along with it just His works...

Spread the news today!  Share the Good News!

Sweet blessings,

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