Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Writing in the sand

John 8: 1- 11

The story of the woman caught in adultery always touches my heart.  

Imagine the scene we are told Jesus is back at the temple teaching.  A crowd gathered soon to listen.  Jesus sat down to teach when suddenly the Pharisees brought a woman into the crowd and put her in front of everyone.  The men explained this woman was caught in adultery and that the law states she must be stoned.  They are trying to catch Jesus in how he will respond to this situation.  He knows the law and yet he knows that no here is without sin.

What does he do?  He bends and begins writing in the sand.  Many wonder what Jesus began to write in the sand.  Some think it was the sins of people in the crowd and that they demanded an answer.  He stood and ask them that whoever was without sin throw the stone.  Again, he stooped down and began writing in the sand.

Imagine the sounds in the crowd.  Was it quiet?  Was it loud?  Was it busy with movement to get away from this scene?  Was it shock?  Was it compassion?  Was it tense?  Did anyone care about this poor woman that was standing in front of all of them?

We are told that they each stepped away one by one beginning with the oldest until it was just Jesus and this woman.  How do you think they left the scene?  Hanging heads?  Anger?  Disbelief?  Do you think anyone realized their own sin?  

The woman left alone with Jesus.  How do you think she was feeling at this moment?  I think she felt loved.  I think she saw a heart drawn in the sand by Jesus even if it was sins of others it was also Jesus love shown to all.  Showing that He knew and He loved her.  He sent her away encouraging her to go and sin no more.  

Indeed, Jesus loves each of us!  He knows our sins and paid the ultimate price for each of us, but we must admit our sins.  No pointed fingers from Jesus only love drawn in the sand.  Powerful story of Jesus amazing love!

Sweet blessings,

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