Monday, October 5, 2015

Plant the seeds

Mark 3:20 - 4: 1-9, Luke 8: 1- 8, Matthew 12: 22 - 50

Reading today, I was reminded of a time that I was discouraged with ministry and choices that people make that you are serving and loving on.  I remember sharing it with a group of people and I guess the pain showed through, because a kind gentlemen reminded me that it was only my job to plant the seeds and let God do the rest.  Oh, it was such a healing balm that morning in a wonderful Sunday school class at Summer Grove.  It was as if Jesus had spoken the words to me and the weight lifted.  I felt like I was letting the ladies down that I served and that I was failing them and it was as if the Lord reminded me ~ you only plant the seeds and I handle the rest.

Plant the seeds today and everyday and let God to the rest!

Have a great day planting seeds!

Sweet blessings,

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