Monday, December 5, 2016

Dear Santa

I arrived at Simple Church this morning to the greeting from a friend from high school.  After hugs Connie ask me, if I wanted to write a letter to Santa.  I went blank.  Simple Church is having everybody right a letter to Santa and they are going to do something special with them at their Christmas Eve service.  A beautiful idea and I know lots of hearts will be filled.

Back to my had been years since I have even been asked what do you want for Christmas.  Kenny and I don't buy each other gifts a choice we made years ago.  So my mind began to swirl and everything I came up with wasn't anything that Santa could give me.  All the things I wanted to write sounded a lot more like a prayer to God than a letter to Santa.  Things I desire only God is able to provide and I think that is part of the getting older process.  Yet, it filled me with joy to simply go through this process.

Why?  I realized that it's not so bad to be getting older and realizing that love, peace, forgiveness, grace, and joy truly are the things I desire! The realization that I only want the lost to know the Lord and to feel His amazing love.  Thank you Lord for the gift of your Son to save a wretch like me!  I love you and it is my prayer that the little ones that write their letters to Santa will indeed be filled with joy and happiness for their answered letters, but for the unanswered letters that these little ones will still know they are loved and that love is so much better than stuff!  I pray for their little hearts to be filled with love and understanding.  I pray that someone will cross that path and meet a need.  Amen

Again, thanks for the Santa letter thought process Simple Church!  Great getting a hug Connie and the reconnecting with a friend.

Sweet blessings,

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