Saturday, December 10, 2016


Mary stayed with Elizabeth for about three months and then returned home.  Luke 1:56

She stayed and then she left.  How much time would be enough to face the unknown that was ahead of her?

When I typed in the site I use, (if I don't have one of my own pictures) the word "stayed" this photo popped up.  I thought well isn't this perfect.  Here was my immediate thoughts of how this photo goes perfectly with this verse.

The photo is a wonderful reminder that this momma bear teaches her baby what she needs for a certain time period and then she/he is on their own to face the world.  Do you notice that we humans need a lot longer than the animals in the world?  Most of us stay with our parents until we are 18 and we still might need to longer...oh wait that's another topic.  

God with Elizabeth's and Zechariah's help had prepared Mary for the next part of the journey.  Three months of encouragement, three months of love, three months of worship, three months of sharing, three months of building her faith, three months full of what God knew Mary needed!  I think that is what we all need to hold on to from this verse.  God provides what we need in the time He thinks we need to prepare.  Sometimes he may prepare us for years, some days, some weeks, some months, but He knows and we trust!

Mary teaches us about trust and faith in God.  I am a woman of 56 almost 57 and I admit that I am awed by Mary's faith at such a young age.  I ponder in amazement at her grace to follow and believe.  She teaches each of us that this journey of life is about trusting and believing God and His Word.  When I ponder this it saddens me how few of us actually know what His Word teaches us or how He speaks to us through His Words and how if we aren't reading His Word how do we believe and have hope?  Perhaps, that is why our world doesn't have the hope it needs?  I don't know just a thought.  

Encourage the people around you to get into God's Word, so that hope and love will spread throughout this world.  We are desperate to hear from God and the way to hear is by being in His Word.  So share His Words, not ours...His Words with friends.  Another thought is not by shouting it, but by living it.  Not by pounding it, but by hugging it.  Even another thought might be by actually giving the Bible to someone this Christmas and sharing in a note inside of how it made a huge difference in your life when you actually read it.  No actual conversation.  Just truth in a letter that allows God to speak through your gift.

How do you want to encourage and provide hope?

Sweet blessings,

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