Monday, December 19, 2016

No room

I often wonder what was going through Mary's mind, when she was told there were no rooms.  She had been walking or riding a donkey, she was 9 months pregnant ready to lay down and rest, yet there were no rooms.  Do you think she was shouting seriously?  Seriously, I am having the Savior of the world and you tell me there are no rooms?  Did I hear you right?  Probably not that's probably what I would do.  No, Mary  perhaps responded just like she did to the angel.  "May it be as you have said."

I know how tired I am when we travel without reservations and can't find a room.  I'm so tired and so ready to be there that I am not really a very nice person.  Just speaking truth here folks.  My ugly shows at times and this is sometimes one of my ugly moments.

Yet, Mary does find a place to have her precious baby, Our Savior in a manger.  Jesus is born in a manger.  Mary with Joseph had Our Savior.  Imagine, the beauty of the special moment that the two special people that God picked shared this moment with just Jesus, God and the animals.  (perhaps Joseph had a lady helping)  Still so special this quiet moment with the sounds of animals and their not so special smells surrounding them.  Only God could provide the special place that this couple needed at that very moment and He did.  God provides what we need and when we need it.  Mary and Joseph didn't need a room and He gave them what they needed.  The memory that they had for the years to come of that moment and perhaps a few laughs about the smells that were provided as well!

Today, God will provide what you need and what I need.  Give thanks in the moments that He provides exactly what we need.

Sweet blessings,

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