Friday, December 23, 2016

Rock and ponder

I rock and ponder.  What do you do when you ponder?  Do you walk?  Run? Cook? Eat? Well, if I have a rocking chair available I rock.  Many hours by different family members have rocked and pondered on the porch at our family farm.  We solved many world problems pondering here.  Seriously, we have pondered in these chairs.  I treasure the memories and the times shared!

Today, in Luke we get to the words about Mary.  
But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.

What do we treasure?  What do we meditate on in our hearts?  Mary is an example that we should all try to learn from.  She didn't know what was ahead for her Son, Her Savior and Ours.  She knew things wouldn't be easy.  She knew that the journey to get Him born wasn't easy, so she knew the road ahead was bumpy, but she also realized to treasure the special moments.  She knew she could always cling to them in her heart.  
In the next few days and the upcoming new year, treasure your times, your memories, so that you will always have them to ponder in your heart!  God gives us these times to always have them in our hearts.  

Sweet memories rocking and pondering,

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